Platform: Looking Ahead...

I am committed to understanding and addressing the root causes of our District’s challenges. I want to keep working for all families by putting District Mission and Principles in practice for all of our students, in all four buildings.


I believe that the well-being of our students depends on equipping them with the social and emotional tools and connections to keep them safe and thriving at every age, in all four buildings.

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I come prepared to listen, engage in evidence-based discussion, and help make decisions informed by our District Guiding Principles: learning, inclusion, and growth and success for all.

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I believe that families and the general public deserve accessible, informative, and prompt updates with what the District has done, is doing, will do, and why.

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Board Service: The Work So Far

A focus on collaboration

During my time on the board, I have collaborated with a rich cross-section of the District in my committee work, from our local first responders to enrolled students.
  1. Resolution on Acceptance

    The NPCSD resolves and affirms that acts of violence against any group based on religion or ethnicity, whether Jewish today or any other group tomorrow, are intolerable and will be considered actions taken against our entire community.

  2. Letter to Congressman Faso

    Gun violence as a public health crisis demands a focus on improved tracking of patterns of root causes and behaviors, raising public awareness of risks, and modification of environmental risk factors -- and federal funding to substantiate informed recommendations that lead to congressional action.

Mark Your Calendar

Here's what's coming up between now and May 21st, Election Day.

Filing Day

Petitions are filed and Sophia is on the ballot.

NPCSD District Office

Budget Vote and BOE Election

Vote Sophia Skiles for Board of Education trustee.

New Paltz High School

Ways to Support the Campaign

Send Letters to the New Paltz Times endorsing my candidacy, talk to friends and family, donate, and VOTE.

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